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Harmon Brothers EATS Easy Ads That Sell Challenge

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Last Year, We Tested Into A Video Ad Format For Facebook That Has Now Driven Over $14 Million In Sales For Our Clients.​

Don’t Waste Your Ad Budget Guessing. Create Easy Ads That Bring In More Sales Without Blowing Your Budget.​

We know not everyone has hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in an ad campaign, at least not at first.
And, for those who do have that kind of budget … no one wants to waste money guessing on which ads will work and which won’t.
The Easy Ads that Sell Challenge will walk you step-by-step through creating 15 simple, tested ad formats that have driven over $13 million in sales for HB clients.
You can make each of these ads in just a couple of days, for as little as $200.
You can make some of these ads FROM YOUR COUCH with footage you already have.
We’ve already spent MILLIONS testing each one of these 15 ad formats, so you don’t have to.

  • Over 10 hours of instruction from Creative Directors Jonny Vance & Shane Rickard
  • 5 Workbooks with templates, formulas, and examples for each of the 15 ad types we cover
  • Lifetime video-on-demand access to refer back to any ad type at any time, never expires
The Easy Ads that Sell Challenge isn’t just some course that you try to figure out on your own, watching pre-recorded videos, reading long pages of text, and ending up with more questions than answers.
This is an in-depth, 5 session training where you’ll work on your ads with Harmon Brothers alongside you the whole way.
You’ll get over 10 hours of instruction from Daniel Harmon, Jonny Vance, and Shane Rickard, as they help you create ads that work and answer questions that previous students have had in their Q&A sessions when the course was held live.
The ad formats you’ll learn in easy ads that sell actually work …
Whether you’re a brand new startup, or a huge multi-million dollar company.
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